Sole proprietor registration within the shortest time

If you have an interesting idea for your own business, a necessary financial cushion to bring your plans into life, and the willingness to work, it is time to register as a sole proprietor. This one-person business is chosen by individuals, who value simplicity and effectiveness in running their business. Despite simplified taxation and decreased bureaucracy work, an individual entrepreneur registration requires some preparation and competent advice. According to the laws of Ukraine, the sole proprietor (trader) has a registration number and is acknowledged just like a full-fledged business entity. Having decided to start a new business as a sole proprietorship, it is important consider a few points. Despite relative simplicity of the sole trader registration (in comparison to the registration of legal entities), the process may seem not that easy to those, who start it for the first time. A person should always consider local registration details, inquiries for business licenses and correspondent tax payments. Indeed, entrepreneurs benefit from less bureaucracy in accounting and reporting and have a chance to benefit from a simplified tax system, but it is worth saying that entrepreneurs are fully responsible for their obligations, and their business is regulated by the bankruptcy law. Before forming a sole proprietorship, it is necessary to decide on the type of business activity. It should be a deliberate choice. Becoming a sole proprietor, it is necessary to separate your personal finances from business finances. This will facilitate making financial statements and helps to keep track of your business success. Our company suggests opening a business bank account, applying for a business credit card and managing business record keeping or hiring an accountant.

Registering as a sole proprietor has a lot of benefits, and one of them is that, if necessary, it would be quite easy to go to the next step and transform sole proprietorship into an LLC. Starting a business as a sole proprietorship requires minimal amount of capital and features minimal regulations and monitoring requirements. A very important point is that as a sole proprietor you can fully enjoy the profits on your own!

Use sole proprietor registration to save your time and efforts

For setting up a sole proprietorship, it is crucial to have certain experience and knowledge not only in selling your products or providing your services, but in the system of legal registrations. You may either have little knowledge and expertise in this field, or little time you can spend on bureaucracy requirements. In both cases visiting our office and getting to know the steps to starting a sole proprietorship is a great idea! For sure, you can do this procedure on your own, but it will take a lot of time, that nowadays is a precious resource. You can spend this resource on managing a lot of operations of your business and delegate the paperwork to professionals. Indeed, it is much better to entrust the proprietorship registration to the specialists, whose qualification will help you solve all the legal questions in a fast and professional manner and help you become an entrepreneur in no time. While the specialists are working on the sole proprietor registration, you will be able to ensure a successful start of your business. The cost of such service is fully justified. A.T. Consulting Company assists during all steps to starting a sole proprietorship in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. They are listed below:

  • Select KVEDs (types of activity) to define the optimal fields of business activity.
  • Prepare the documents to register as a sole proprietor.
  • Make the necessary payments.
  • Help to choose the optimal taxation system for the sole proprietor: common system or simplified system (group 1, 2, 3 or 4).
  • Submit proprietorship registration documents to the state registry (analogue to MSME registration.)

Besides, your business may require additional licenses, permits and registrations. The full list of necessary formation documents for sole proprietorship, business licenses etc. you can obtain in our company. We render our assistance in all legal actions connected with establishing a sole proprietorship. Important note: for sole proprietors, the governmental fee for many permits and licenses is much lower that for legal entities.

We have vast experience in the field of legal services, our company managed to establish great professional relationships with the local authorities not only in Lviv but also in other cities of Ukraine. From your side no visiting the governmental offices is required (in most cases). Our company specialists are ready to work with the “red tape” on your behalf and provide you with a legally registered business on a turnkey basis. We are ready to answer your questions and inform you about all the stages of the sole proprietorship registration process. We can help every client willing to become an entrepreneur and establish a sole proprietorship quickly and more efficiently. Our services are affordable so the cost of the legal support is reasonable for entrepreneurs with different budgets. To learn more about the price of sole proprietor registration, please contact our specialists via phone or online contact form.