The registration of private enterprise: main rules, documents, and peculiarities

The right to conduct an enterprise is stated in the Constitution of Ukraine. Currently, this is one of the main business patterns. It is allowed to all citizens except for military personnel, prosecutors, employees of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, and other executive bodies. In accordance with the laws of Ukraine, to carry out an entrepreneurial activity it is necessary to register a private enterprise. The registration corresponds to the location of the enterprise. The minimum number of founders is one person. A statute is the constituent document of a private enterprise. An authorized capital is formed from the investments of founding members and there are no limitations on its minimal sum. The private enterprise in accordance with its obligations possesses the defined property, which can become an object of levies under the terms of the current legislation.

How to register a private enterprise in Ukraine?

The collection and submission of the documents for the private enterprise registration can be done by the owner or authorized person. Recently, the number of people who entrust this procedure to professional lawyers is constantly growing. This helps to stay away from the unnecessary hassles and saves a lot of time and efforts. A.T. Consulting Company offers private enterprise registration services in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. The cost of registration corresponds to our price list and includes:

  1. Complete consulting on the registration of private enterprise, the choice of KVEDs (types of activity) and the name of the organization.
  2. Preparation of the constituent documents, the registration application, and the protocol.
  3. Submission of the documents required to complete the registration of the private enterprise.
  4. Receipt of the statute registration record and the extract about the registration from the Pension Fund and the Tax Service
  5.    Creation of a seal.

We can also help to create a tax payer licence number for a foreigner or provide legal assistance to open a bank account for a private enterprise. If you decide to order the private enterprise registration, please provide us with the information about the location of the organization, the authorized capital stock, the division of shares between the founding members, and also about the desired types of activity. Learn more from our specialists about the prices and procedures of our additional services related to the creation and registration of the private enterprise. We work not only in Lviv but also in other cities of Ukraine. Do not hesitate to use the advice and services of the professional lawyers!