Fast and professional registration of a non-governmental organization

In the last few years, the events in Ukraine motivate many to carry out a social activity. A vast number of activists have already applied for registering a non-governmental organization (NGO) to legally support their initiatives.

The most crucial step in setting up a non-governmental organization is careful research of the legal requirements to meet to benefit from full legal recognition and eligibility. Opening a non-governmental organization or a non-profit organization may be a long and time-consuming process, especially for those who have insufficient knowledge and expertise in law. Nevertheless, starting a non-governmental organization, the difficulties can be significantly minimized. This is possible only in case you decide to follow the advice of competent lawyers from the country you want to make a non-governmental organization in. Develop a professional and effective organization to fight with all that world problems with the help of our company!

However, there is also a lot of individuals who encounter the difficulties of this process because they do not have the relevant experience and have no idea of how to apply for a non-governmental organization registration. The registration for non-governmental organization raises many concerns due to the lack of information, time, and certain conditions. Legal consideration on forming an NGO may vary from country to county and the best way to eliminate difficulties and simplify the process of NGO registration is to use the services of a trusted company. We guarantee full support and transparent process of registering your NGO. Online non-governmental organization registration in Ukraine is not yet so popular, in most cases applicants should visit NGO registration offices. In case you have difficulties, it is better to ask for professional assistance. There is no need to postpone the initiative, just because of the insufficient knowledge of how to open a non-governmental organization.

With the help of the qualified lawyers, you will be able to start your own NGO in a very brief time. We work with foreign customers, including many residents of India and South Africa. We provide information on requirements of authorities and documents necessary for setting up an NGO. You will get tips about the creation of the organization, its activity, the statutory documents approval, and other processes. This will make the life of founders of non-governmental organization easier and give them a chance to focus on their activities.

 Steps to register a non-governmental organization

Not everyone knows that prior to setting up an NGO is it necessary to conduct a founding meeting. During this meeting, the members (two or more) gather to vote for the creation of the organization. The next stage implies choosing the organization’s name, it should be unique for the country you register your NGO and should not contain any forbidden words (to find more information about this point, contact our company). The following stage is to define the main goals and tasks of the non-governmental organization, as this is required during the NGO formation procedure to approve the stature and form the governing bodies. In addition to this, it is necessary to define whether the NGO will work as a profit or non-profit organization. This question is crucial to state the possibility of the cash flow in favor of the organization. Opening a non-governmental organization, carefully assess your NGO’s financial needs and decide. Ask A.T. Consulting Company for assistance the process of starting an NGO. Both profit and non-profit form of the non-governmental organization has its advantages and drawbacks. You may have some additional paperwork due to this, but at the same time you will be able to raise more funds for the performance of the NGO. Well-trained staff of our company is ready to advise you on all these questions and provide you with comprehensive information about registering an NGO in our country, the peculiarities and optimization of the process. We will give you the NGO formation guideline and help you to:

  • Collect all the required documents for starting up an NGO.
  • Fill out the official NGO registration form.
  • Pay the NGO registration fee.
  • Confirm the NGO registration form by a notary.
  • Obtain the code of the non-profit organization (if you decide to appear outside of the taxation system).
  • Submit the documents to a department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.
  • Get an official approval of the NGO registration and communicate with the governmental bodies about that.
  • Open a bank account on your behalf (if necessary) and receive a seal of the NGO.

Starting a non-governmental organization, always use professional assistance in case you have any questions. This will help you save a lot of time and money on avoiding mistakes. Trained specialists of our company have extensive experience in the registration of local, international, youth, and other non-governmental organizations, both profit and non-profit. We guarantee that all the procedures are carried out within the shortest time. The prices are reasonable and affordable, they are available for Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine. Contact our specialists to learn more about the cost of NGO registration and ask any questions you have about it.