LLC registration as the first step to start your own business

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, all citizens have the right to conduct business activity. It’s not a secret that to launch a new company some legal registration is required. Most businesses (both domestic and foreign) strive for most comfortable conditions for operation of their company and in most cases, choose the registration of an LLC or limited liability company form to start their own business.

A limited liability company (LLC) is the most widespread type of business activity due to its relative simplicity of organization, requirements and tax system. A limited liability company is a special type of legal structure that combines the best from such types as corporation and partnership. We assure you that for our country this is the most effective way to start and operate your business. Our company will provide you with comprehensive advice on the allowed quantity of LLC members, taxation details. In the aspect of taxation, LLCs can be classified differently. You can learn details at our company office.

LLC has several advantages, including this very limited personal liability for company’s decisions, less paperwork and lower costs of setting up an LLC.

As all other legal entities, becoming an LLC, you will also have to pass the registration procedure in compliance with the current laws of Ukraine. LLC creation is one of the most effective ways to invest foreign capital and operate a company. However, not all people have the sufficient knowledge to meet the legal requirements of this process, so the most reasonable and cheapest way to start an LLC for them is to use the LLC registration services.  Mistakes in legal processes may cost a lot, so to avoid possible mistakes, it is better to consult the specialist, who can help you register LLC online and facilitate the process to make it quick and professionally done. As a result, you will save your time, money and minimize risk of mistakes during the establishment of an LLC in a different country.

 The LLC registration procedure in Ukraine

Before the procedure, the owner will need to decide upon the name of the future legal entity. It is necessary to check that the same name has not been previously used within the country and contains no restricted words (such as “banking” or “clinic” in case you own no correspondent license). Make sure the company name includes the words LLC or Limited Liability Company properly translated to the language of the country. To form an LLC the owner shall define the types of an economic activity, establish the company authorized capital, choose the general or simplified taxation system and fill out necessary forms. Besides, your business may require additional licenses, permits and registrations. The full list of necessary formation documents for an LLC, business licenses etc. you can obtain in our company. We render our assistance in all legal actions connected with LLC start-ups. If you entrust the company registration to a specialist, you need to indicate the company’s address and the information about the manager or director. The A.T. Consulting Company provides the above-mentioned services. Our responsibilities during the LLC registration:

  • Advisory work on creating an LLC.
  • Preparation of all the formation documents.
  • Choice of the KVEDs (types of activity according to the Ukrainian Industry Classification System). You just need to define in what spheres you would like to work.
  • Choice of the registered office address.
  • Submission of the required documents to the appropriate state bodies.
  • Legal advice during the process of company registration.
  • Choice of the LLC registered agent (if necessary)
  • Creation of a seal.
  • Opening of bank account.

Thus, you will save time and efforts setting up a company you will dedicate them to the development of your business. We guarantee doing our best to help you open an LLC. The information about the LLC is entered the day the applicant’s documents are received. The company is assigned an EDRPOU (enterprise code) within 24 hours after a registrar has received the extract from the Pension Fund and the Tax Service.

If you want to know the LLC registration cost in Lviv or any other city of Ukraine, please contact our specialists for more detailed information or leave a request online. How to calculate expenses? The LLC registration fee is fixed, we offer one of the cheapest ways to start an LLC, yet there may be some nuances depending on the case and the number of additional services. You will see that the cost of becoming a Limited Liability Company is reasonable and justified – all you need is to contact us for more details!