To launch your business and take a niche in the market, you have to consider everything down to the last detail. It’s not only about finding premises, employees, and the way to sell goods or services, but also about the legal registration of an enterprise. Not every beginner or even an experienced business owner can figure out all the subtleties of managing a business and keeping documents. Sometimes a few nuances that have slipped your attention are enough to have some problems with the law. A legal aid of qualified specialists will help to avoid that. The main goal of such law help is legal support of a business and prevention of negative situations related to legal issues. By using this service you will considerably minimize both existing risks and the ones that may come up in the future. Professional legal consultation of specialists helps to stabilize the work of a company and eliminate its flaws from the legal perspective, while you are developing your business. Such investment saves your time, efforts, and money, which will inevitably have fruitful results in the future.


If you want to start your business successfully and without pitfalls, you should use a professional legal aid. The experts of A.T. Consulting have years of experience in legal services, provide consulting and support in the field of administrative and labor law. Here is a list of services you can order:

  1. Creation of legal documentation such as agreements, acts, orders, lawsuits, applications, etc. We will also help to prepare documents for registration or reorganization of a business, obtaining licenses and permissions for a company as well as liquidation of an enterprise.
  2. Legal consultation with a layer based on your questions. We provide recommendations on how to conduct a business, handle staff documents, and inform you about any legal issues.
  3. Legal support. Our specialists will remotely help you to resolve all issues, represent your interests in different authorities, and prevent any possible risks. Such regular support is more expensive than a one-time consultation, but it extremely effectively helps to get rid of all legal chores.

A.T. Consulting provides legal advice not only in Lviv but also in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. We set reasonable prices for all types of services, so our assistance is affordable for all business owners.