Employee Leasing is an Effective Way of Workflow Optimisation

Quite often, businesses face the situations when the staff has too much work to cope with, a new employee is unprofitable, while everything must be done timely and accurately. In such case, employee leasing is a perfect solution. It presupposes that the employees of one company are involved in the project of another company. Leasing and personnel outsourcing is usually implemented in the companies that are dependent on seasonal fluctuations in the market. For example, during the peak periods the demand for labor increases in the sphere of construction, agriculture, food manufacturing, service (hotels and restaurants), and tourism. Leasing also can greatly help the companies, which only start their business and need the qualified specialists.

Types of Employee Leasing Under Current Conditions

There is not always a need for drastic changes to optimize the work process in the company. Leasing provides an opportunity to hire people for certain period of time and cut on expenditures by downsizing the full-time employees in financial, legal, economic, marketing and other departments. Today you can implement the following techniques:

  1. Employee leasing on a long-term basis. An employer pays for the services of a recruiting agency also known as professional employer organization (PEO) and does not bind itself legally. The employee belongs to the staff of the company, which provides the leasing services.
  2. Personnel outsourcing. A company does not lease the specialist but pays for the service needed for a certain period of time. For  example, the organization cooperates with another company, which provides cleaning, security, or legal services. In most cases, businesses order the personnel outsourcing service to hire temporary drivers, accountants, lawyers, IT-specialists, couriers and cleaning staff and call-centre workers.
  3. Outstaffing. An employee will not belong to the staff of the customer company and will be officially employed with the contractor company. However, the employee actually continues working in the customer company. According to the outstaffing scheme in Ukraine, the contractor company becomes the employer of the person.

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