The Detailed Guide to the Registration of Changes to the Statute

The majority of businesses do not work under the same conditions that were declared during their set up. The company usually needs some changes in the process of capital strengthening and the increase in production and trading capacities. These may also include radical changes connected with the statute of the business. They are often necessary to admit new individuals and legal entities to the funding members and owners of the company, redistribute shares of the invested capital, increase authorized capital, and more. The company must reflect such details in the official documents and record them as the registration of changes to its statute.

Changes to the statute of a company: how to prepare and legalize the documentation

To make the changes into the statute of a limited liability company and other forms of enterprise in a fast and reliable way you need:

  1. The protocol of the enterprise founders meeting on the creation of new or cancellation of the existing operational conditions. The protocol must include the detailed information about the discussed questions and accepted decisions that describe the required innovations.
  2. Form 3.
  3. Originals of the existing constituent documents (full package).
  4. Changes to the statute formalized as the annex to the statute or as a new statute with the corresponding changes in two copies.
  5. The decision of the founding members made to state that one of them leaves the legal entity or to accept new individuals and legal entities if the changes are related to it.
  6. The decision of the founding members on the redistribution of the shares of authorized capital or its increase. If the authorized capital is decreased, it is necessary to add a copy of the corresponding information published in the media.
  7. If the court has found that the enterprise, public organization etc. was created with the goal different from the one indicated in the statute and this goal must be changed, it is necessary to submit the court’s finding to register the statute changes related to the organizational goal.
  8. Receipt of the registration fee.

After all the above-mentioned documents are collected and if the statute is fully edited, an old copy is sent to an archive. The innovations must be registered within 24 hours if the documents are properly drawn up in the accordance with the current legislation and all the information about the founding members and functioning features of the legal entity is valid and full.