Problems in business usually arise during the intensive development or stagnation of an organization and the change of a market. They must be immediately solved. Going through such periods, owners and managers need a detached view of the situation that would allow to assess the current state of a company and find out the reasons for a crisis. Business consulting services are just what you need for an objective evaluation and right behavior in the conditions that have undermined your organization. Consulting allows to properly evaluate the work of an enterprise taking into account external factors and create an action plan to improve the situation. Since any company is a living organism, its “treatment” should be entrusted to people with relevant professional training and practical experience. With the help of a consulting services company, you can identify weaknesses as quickly and accurately as possible, eliminate them, and avoid in the future.


Corporate consulting services include a detailed analysis of the work of an enterprise and optimum recommendations to correct the future actions on improving financial and management efficiency of the company. Such a detached view allows to see a broader picture and more carefully and properly evaluate it. Our business consulting services consist of:

  1. Market research.
  2. Creation of options for the strategic development of a company based on analysis results. Comparison of strengths and weaknesses of these options.
  3. Calculation of the investment necessary for the development of a company.
  4. Implementation of the developed strategies.
  5. Adjusting the corporate and information systems to operate within a company.
  6. Comparison of technical capabilities of various products.
  7. Analysis of potential projects offered to our customer by a third party.
  8. Legal, tax, and accounting consulting.
  9. Reorganization of business processes to get substantial competitive advantages in the future.

Using consulting services by A.T. Consulting, you will be able to significantly improve the work of your company, overcome the crisis, and optimize all internal processes. After you consider all the benefits of our assistance, it will become obvious that the price is absolutely justified. Our company provides consulting services is Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.