The Registration of the Change of Director: Quick and Correct Paperwork Handling

During their economic activity, some organizations may face the situation when it is necessary to change the management. Nevertheless, in addition to a change note, a protocol, an employment book and a payroll, it is also demanded to register the change of director. The notice of change of director should be added to the Unified State Register. These actions shall be performed by a state registrar according to the actual location of the legal entity. You can find the requested specialist at an Administrative Services Centre.

The list of documents necessary to register the change of director

The following documents are required to register change the director:

  1.    Completed registration form. If sent by mail, the applicant’s signature has to be confirmed by a notary.
  2.  Company’s particulars in a free form. This will simplify the search for the company in the electronic Unified State Register.
  3.  Power of Attorney. It is necessary when the documents are submitted by the representative of a legal entity.
  4.  Copies of the tax payer licence number and the passport of a person to be substituted as well as the passport copy of an assigned person.
  5. Decree or protocol, order on appointment of the director, issued by a governing body. The discharge date of the previous director shall be a day earlier than the appointment of a new one.

All documents are filled in Ukrainian. The list of documents necessary for the registration of the change of director is stated in The Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs”. They can be submitted personally, by a representative or via mail service with all the documents attached. The requirements to the content and form of the documents may vary depending on a region or specialist. To save the time, contact the specialist in advance to know in detail how to execute the document. For instance, recently the new requirement to the submission of the protocols or decrees by the legal entities that insert corrections to the data in Unified State Register, came into effect. All of these papers shall contain the signature confirmed by a notary.

The registration of the change of director: financial perspective

The registration of the change of director is a chargeable service. The payment can be confirmed by a receipt, a payment order marked by the bank, a post-office or payment terminal receipt. The service delivery time may not be later than the next working day after the documents are received. When the registration is completed, the organization receives the extract from the Unified State Register.