Small Business in Ukraine. We Help Foreigners to Launch and Develop their Enterprises

For the majority of foreign businessmen, Ukraine is a country with an unstable political and economic situation, changeable weather, and a special mentality of people. Those who have decided to invest in Ukraine are attracted by such advantages, as fertile land and lower taxes, rent, and salaries if compared to the European ones. However, many non-resident investors faced the cunningness of the complicated legislation, despite they got all necessary approval documents. By the way, foreigners quite often opt for starting a small business in Ukraine. And the reason is clear: It’s better to develop step by step, betting on diligence and honesty of the personnel.

Norms of Small Business Registration in Ukraine for Non-Residents

The legal status, fundamental rights and obligations of foreigners are determined by several legislative acts of Ukraine. Non-residents can carry out investment, foreign economic, and other types of entrepreneurial activity on an equal footing with the Ukrainians unless otherwise is stipulated by norms. With regards to small enterprises, non-residents (foreigners) are doing business in Ukraine adhering to the same scheme as the citizens, except for some additional documents. For example, they must translate their passports into Ukrainian, notarize and apostille them as well as get taxpayer ID numbers.

International Companies in Ukraine. We Dispel Myths and Misconceptions

At first, many foreigners perceive doing business in Ukraine as a real challenge. However, some business niches are still empty, the competition is low. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian legislation has its peculiarities. There are some administrative restrictions and tacit rules of the market. Foreigners think that all this is not really logical. It will take a lot of time for entrepreneurs and accountants from other countries to understand how to do reporting. Those who are attracted by business opportunities in Ukraine also should get used to the excessive bureaucracy of some processes. Moreover, starting a small business in Ukraine requires more time than in some other countries, such as Poland. Especially this is the case when you need to get approval documents. The most conspicuous example is construction. Some time ago, a builder had to get a lot of approval documents to start construction of the object. Now, this procedure is slightly simplified. Yet entrepreneurs still have to fill tax and accounting reports far too frequently.

Great Ideas to Invest in Ukraine

When you decide to buy business in Ukraine, of course, you have to choose the most profitable directions. In general, we can certainly say that now is a  good time for doing business in Ukraine. The most promising fields target global and foreign markets with foreign currency revenue. During the recent decade, IT became one of the best spheres to invest, as startups in Ukraine are already a full-fledged trend. People from other spheres come to IT and build their businesses using modern technologies. However, sometimes Ukrainians have great ideas, but lack funds to launch a startup in Ukraine. They are the ones who need the help of foreign investors. There are lots of such developers, therefore, Ukrainian startups are really a great choice. Such ideas can be quite original, implemented by a bold, creative approach or a trusted method.

We understand that foreign investors are looking for transparent companies with managed risks. That’s why, we offer an opportunity to scan all processes of the enterprise, a way of management and operation. An investor will be able to assess a specific company as well as a whole list of interesting proposals on the Ukrainian market. On the other side, not all enterprises that are looking for additional sources of funds understand the expectations of investors.

We offer complete support of small business for those who have decided to invest in Ukraine, from management to technical issues related to the standardization of the operation of a company. After this procedure, both parties understand the peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine and know how to cooperate. They have no problems with tax, financial, and other reporting.

Successful Small Business. You Do Not Choose the Times, You Deal with Them

There are strategies to launch and run a small business during the period of rise or decline. Many world-class marketing specialists believe that it’s easier to stand out if the business is started in difficult times. The point is that a crisis forces big companies to make decisions more slowly and, hence, the speed and quality of their service lags behind. Small business in Ukraine (as well as in other countries) more quickly reacts to changes in the market. When the growth starts, a new enterprise will have a more advantageous position. Of course, doing business in Ukraine 2016, now, and probably in the future, will be tough, so it’s better to use the professional help of A. T. Consulting.

Our employees have gained managerial experience and knowledge during the cooperation with various economic sectors. They turned years of experience and up-to-date data into comprehensive services of business consulting. They analyze the situation with small business in Ukraine and explain to foreign investors why certain issues arise. The specialists of A. T. Consulting offer a development strategy and help to solve problems if they exist. In addition, international companies in Ukraine face the same problems as the local ones. For example, conditions of work change really often, and you have to risk to hold your position. Having experience in keeping accounting of international companies in Ukraine, our specialists know what they will have to work with.

A Flexible Approach to the Organization of the Work of an Enterprise

The aspects of running large, medium, and small business in Ukraine differ, but the goal is the same – making a profit. Due to the current conditions, entrepreneurs have to be flexible, decisive, and creative. To be successful in this situation, regardless of the scale of your business, you need to get in order your financial and tax documentation.

Consulting services of A. T. Consulting are focused on:

  • Companies, the top management of which is in a tough situation and cannot stabilize it;
  • Businesses that are ready for changes and want to utilize new opportunities;
  • Investors that enter the Ukrainian market.

With our assistance, small businesses in Ukraine get new opportunities for growth. The specialists of A. T. Consulting help to optimize expenses, increase the return on existing assets, and build a proper functional structure. Companies that cooperate with us have no problems with fulfilling their obligations and can make timely decisions on business expansion. Foreigners that decided to buy business in Ukraine during the decline also can ask for the assistance of our employees. Of course, customers with many problems need more time and help. They get “first aid” and are “prescribed fast-relieving medicine”. To feel the desired changes a small business in Ukraine needs to go through an adaptation period. And only after, that a development strategy based on individual characteristics is created.