Ukrainian legislation concerning labor of foreigners in Ukraine has been amended on May 23, 2017 (appropriate amendments come into force on September 29, 2017).

There are following new requirements to get work permit in Ukraine by foreigner:


  1. Salary of foreigner should be at least ten minimal salaries per month (UAH 37 230 on January 01, 2018).

*There are some exceptions, for example, foreign person who invested into Ukrainian company at least 100 000 EUR can get work permit.

  1. Not only Ukrainian companies but also Ukrainian private entrepreneurs can hire foreign specialists.
  2. Medical certificate and certificate of good conduct are not required to get work permit.
  3. Draft of employment contract with foreigner should be submitted to Government employment center to get work permit.
  4. Max period of validity of work permit constitutes 3 years. After that work permit should be prolonged or foreigner should come abroad and leave Ukrainian employer.
  5. Official fees for getting work permit are:
  • Work permit for three years – 6 living minimums (UAH 10 200 on January 01, 2018).
  • Work permit for six months – one year – 4 living minimums (UAH 6 800 on January 01, 2018).
  • Work permit for less than six months – 2 living minimums (UAH 3400 on January 01, 2018).

*Fees for prolongation of work permit are similar.

  1. Period of issuance of a work permit constitutes 7 working days since the date of submitting of package of documents. Period of prolongation of a work permit – 3 working days.
  2. Seconded foreign employees should also get work permits to work in Ukraine. In this case agreement between foreign company (employer of seconded foreign employees) and Ukrainian company should be submitted to Government employment center.